"People always ask me what I do to look younger than my age. So, I tell them about my secret formula...J-GEN"

It's a lifestyle

Julio Always wanted to design something that would incorporate all the vitamins and minerals he takes to care for his body and skin. His goal has always been to share it with his fans and everyone to give them a new delicious healthy lifestyle.
A lifestyle that has worked for him many years.


J-GEN is a proprietary blend of drinks with an exclusive concentration designed by Julio Iglesias Jr.

Manufactured by ALFA Vitamins Laboratories, Inc. J-GEN has been created in one dose to give you the best high quality vitamins and minerals for your Skin, Hair, Nails, and Joints.

Our Powder form helps you mix J-GEN into your lifestyle. Weather that is into your morning orange juice, Smoothie recipes, Cocktails at home with friends, or simply in water before your day starts.

J-GEN infused drinks are formulated to freshen and hydrate your day, your workout or simply your taste buds. 4 Delicious flavors full of vitamins and minerals with some of the best key ingredients known in the work to enhance your healthy life.

J-GEN is for people who strive for a new and clean lifestyle and for those who simply want to look younger and have glowing healthier skin, hair, nails and add good benefits to their joints.

A formula for our Skin and for your Health!

Why J-GEN?

Most of us spend so much on products to care for our skin. Moisturizers, the right shaving creams, the perfect concealer and foundation. We love that you care so much about it, but what about the rest of you?

What about your hair, your nails your joints, your immune system and your overall health?

J-GEN gives your body the right dose daily to provide your body all the vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy, radiant, and strong from the inside out!

We want to create a movement of healthy and lifestyle combined together. Something everyone can use daily on the go, at work, while traveling and at home.

This is for you, for everyone who wants to stay healthy, hydrate daily, have a clear younger looking skin, strong and healthy nails, longer hair that with no split ends, and healthy bones.

Feed your skin, hair, nails, joints and body - join the movement!

Drink J-GEN!







A night to remember, March 21st, 2019. J-GEN Launch Event Party was help at Dolores Lolita in Brickell, Miami.

Together Julio Iglesias, Jr. and the CEO of Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, Inc. They announced the release date of all J-GEN products.

Take a closer look into this night.


Jaime Bayly has been one of the well know talk shows in Miami, Peru, Spain, Brazil and across the West coast in the USA. He was excited to have Julio Iglesias, Jr. over for an interview since the last time he saw him was 20 years ago.

Enjoy this amazing and funny interview of Julio Iglesias as he introduces Jaime Bayly to J-GEN.


English translation coming soon!


Watch this short interview with Mario Andres Moreno with Julio Iglesias, Jr. as he asks he asks about J-GEN packets and J-GEN new daily hydration beverage, when to take it and how did Julio decide to create this wonderful formula.

See how both are different yet amazing for your health!